New wetland area

Water brings a magical quality to our park and as we are fortunate to have a large lake and two ponds.  We have created a new freshwater habitat, digging out the old rushes in the top pond, adding a small dam to control the water flow and finishing with a laid clay base.  Work on planting the shallow area with wetland plants will start in the Spring. Our aim is to make a really good habitat for a wide range of aquatic plants, animals, amphibians and birds. Many Iris’s were planted in the Autumn surrounding the pond, so lets hope this Spring it will look even better!
This year we have had plenty of frog spawn and a bumper crop of tadpoles. We have already got plenty tiny frogs hopping off into the surrounding grass. As well as birds swooping onto the lake to take a drink or catch some flies and there has been so many dragonflies this year, mainly the emperor dragonfly with a bright blue abdomens.

More work has been done around our smaller ponds too, with a new pond lining and boulders, plus a new wetland area to encourage more plant and wildlife.